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Expanding Business Cooperation with Serbia

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) Marko Cadez and his associates had a meeting with ADA Group representative, Anisa Skendaj in Tirana on November of 2016, in search of new ways of cooperation.

Mr. Cadez was in Tirana in the frame of the foundation of the joint Albanian-Serb Chamber of Commerce and the participation of Serb companies at the Tirana International Fair open until November 28.

In her introduction of ADA Group and the activities of its companies INFO-Telecom, Digicom, Promarketing and Albanian Daily News, Mrs. Skendaj in the first place thanked Mr. Cadez for the meeting wishing successes to the newly created Chamber of Commerce in Tirana as another step in the economic cooperation between the two countries. 

In addition she expressed the determination to broaden the cooperation with Serb partners with the aim of "widening the fields of activities of mutual cooperation" so that the map of cooperation of the Group which has countries like Italy, Kosovo, Romania, include Serbia in an extensive cooperation. 

"I saw energy in Serbia in the field of business during my recent visits to Belgrade" she said, underlining that the joint chamber would be very helpful.  

Mr. Cadez invited Ada Group to visit Belgrade where fruitful talks could be held with the potential companies, because, in his view, face-to-face contacts could give concrete results. 

During the inauguration of the Joint Chamber of Commerce Albania-Serbia, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Ada Group's newspaper Albanian Daily News and B92 media, respectively by Mrs. Anisa Skendaj, while for B92 by Mr. Veran Matic, B92 News Editor- in- Chief and President of B92 Board of Directors.