About Us
20 years in Telecommunications!

Our of experience as a electronic communications operator has enabled us to create a service suitable to all players in the industry.

INFO-Telecom ICS is part of Ada Group, a group of companies first established in 1992, in Tirana. As a group which was the first to operate most of the innovative services in the country, Ada Group activities have expanded in many different fields such as: Civil Aviation & Cargo, Construction & Real Estate, Media (National TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine), Pay per View Satellite Platform, Computer & Telecom Systems, Energy, Electronic Communication etc. The Electronic Communication Portfolio includes activities in the field of International Telecommunication, Data Transmition, and Value Added Voice and Data Services.

We provide International Voice Carrier services at the highest quality, based on advanced technological solutions in IT, and on the work of a international team of professional Commercial Managers and engineers with an experience of 20+ years in the industry. With 300+ interconnection agreements in over 56 countries, we terminate 2.5+ Billion Min/Year to our top regions such as Balkans, East and Western Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Americas.

Our Vision: Having accomplished of becoming an International Carrier, we are determined to expand our presence worldwide and offer a one stop solution to all of our partners.